Shambalesa is the mysterious electronical duo consisting of Taremina (DJ) and Antonia Vai (lyricist/singer). The two ladies met on a summer festival in Hungary where they did an unplanned, improvisative gig together and immediately discovered their mutual connection and love for music, as well as their wish to celebrate feminine energy. Their style is a mix of deep tribal beats, electro-folk and ethno-grooves with hypnotic, dynamical vocals. The songs are produced together with French world-music activists Fanfara Electronica, together they create music inspired from all sides of their ethnicity, Taremina being German-Ethiopian and Antonia being Swedish-Hungarian. Shambalesa is an invitation into an enchanting world.

Category : Electronic, world experimentations, singer, show
Stage : Electronic & Organic live (2 pers)
Location : Hungary

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